made in POLAND

With the development of the company and continuing professionalization of the exhibition services provided by World Expo International Ltd. in the area of comprehensive organization of representation of Polish companies at international trade fairs and exhibitions, in 2010 the Board of the Company took steps to develop a company identification label (logo), which, in the simplest way, would stand for the company’s country of origin and its products during the foreign trade fairs and exhibitions organized by World Expo International Ltd. based in Bydgoszcz.

For this purpose the traditional national colours were used together with the shape associated with the geographical outline of the Polish borders, as well as the world's popular inscription used to designate the country of origin “made in POLAND”.

The graphic symbol is a combination of two elements indicating Polish roots:
- shape referring to the contour of the Polish borders
- white and red colours resembling the Polish flag.
The whole symbol was then subject to geometric modification and split into smaller graphical forms.

The graphic image is supplemented with the “made in POLAND” caption which serves as the indicative of the country of origin of the company or the given product.

The logo consists of three basic elements listed in order from left to right:
- graphic symbol representing the outline of the Polish borders
- vertical bar separating the graphic symbol from the inscription
- double-line inscription: “made in POLAND”.

The result was a finished logo design - a flat, one-dimensional sign “made in POLAND”.

Colours used in the logo:
- white CMYK 0/0/0/0
- grey CMYK 0/0/0/80
- red CMYK 0/100/90/20

Our logo appears in vertical or horizontal position in the basic version (white background) and in vertical or horizontal position when inverted (red and grey background).

The “made in POLAND” sign was registered by World Expo International Ltd. as a Community Trade Mark (CTM) at the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs) in Alicante on 31.12.2010. CTM no.: 009055518.

All companies participating in trade fairs and exhibitions held abroad through World Expo International Sp. z o. o. are entitled to use the “made in POLAND” sign (logo) for promotional purposes in accordance with the visual identification system (SIW) of the sign and the regulations for participants in trade fairs and exhibitions organized by World Expo International Ltd. in Bydgoszcz.

One of the main reasons for development of the above sign (logo) was, and still is, the lack of complete and accessible visual identification system (SIW) for Poland in terms of assistance for the Polish entrepreneurs in their export-oriented activities, trade and international marketing, as well as international promotion of Poland with a focus on the as yet unexplored promotional opportunities for the Polish economy, in particular Polish business and brands, during the participation of Polish companies in international trade fairs and exhibitions supervised by World Expo International Ltd.

In 2010 World Expo International Ltd. coordinated more than 60 attendances of Polish companies at foreign trade fairs and exhibitions on all continents.

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